Cardio Drumming – All Facts That You Must Know

Oct 10, 2020 | Cardio, Fitness, Hot Reads

Written by Fedi Aloui, M.S.
Cardio Drumming Facts

Have you ever heard of cardio drumming? Perhaps you’re asking “what the heck is cardio drumming?”. Cardio Drumming is actually a highly popular new fitness trend that provides you a great way to not only relax and spend some time doing something you love – playing music – but it’s also a highly effective mean for getting an extra workout time that helps boost your health and overall wellbeing!

Today, we’ll be looking into how cardio drumming can benefit your life in various ways, not only as a form of workout but also as a means for relaxation and enjoyment!


what is cardio drumming

So, first things first – what is cardio drumming and how cardio drumming differs from normal drumming? What kind of equipment you need? What are the health benefits of cardio drumming? Well, wait no further, the following explains all the key facts that you must know about this new trend.  

How Does Cardio Drumming Differ From Normal Workouts?

Cardio drumming sessions are tailored in a slightly different way so that you can get the most out of the drumming experience. You’ll be drumming along to upbeat tunes and music while working out. One of the best things about cardio drumming is the freedom that it can offer. There are really no rules with cardio drumming, you just do what feels right for you. Even if that means hijacking your neighbor’s ball to have a go at smashing out your tunes on two balls at a time, that is indeed totally fine. Trust me, go for it! (Just be ready that they might end up borrowing yours after!)

The intensity of the workout you will get with cardio drumming varies based on how you use the ball and your workout routine. Cardio drumming is really inclusive for everyone, even if you don’t normally work out or you’re feeling unfit, you can still go at your own pace and push yourself to your heart’s desire!

Cardio Drumming Equipment 

For cardio drumming, instead of having a normal set of drums to create your music on, you’ll be using a yoga ball as a replacement for your normal drum set. You will still need to make sure, though, that you have a pair of drumsticks to beat out those awesome tunes! And of course, a 17-gallon bucket to fit in your yoga ball. If you join any cardio drumming classes, these will likely be provided to you anyway by the organizer of the class.


Cardio is a vital component of any workout. It helps you lose weight, maintain weight, get fit and be healthier. Cardio drumming, a form of cardio exercise, can actually reap many benefits for your health as explained below.

1. Cardio Drumming for Strength and Fitness

Cardio drumming helps you burn calories effectively as it provides you a productive way to engage in serious workout. It makes you lose pounds and fat while also helping you to build up muscle tone and mass, this leads you to become fitter and healthier overall.

2. Cardio Drumming for Heart Health

cardio drumming for heart health

Cardio drumming can be incredibly helpful if you are looking to improve your heart health, particularly in terms of lowering your body’s levels of cholesterol (which in turn can cause numerous heart health complications such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes). A study carried out and subsequently published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise looked at the lifestyle choices and habits of people who did not suffer from cardiovascular disease and the results of this study concluded that cardio exercise plays a vital key in lowering the chance of these heart conditions.

As such, it is clear to see that getting involved with activities such as cardio drumming could be a good way to promote good blood flow around the body and prevent conditions such as heart disease.

3. Cardio Drumming for Mental Wellbeing

Mental illness is becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern society and this might be attributed to the high stress level in our daily hectic lives. Hence, engaging in regular exercise can be a good way to promote good mental health.

According to 4 different research studies, it is concluded that engaging in a regular form of exercise for 150 minutes per week lowers the chances of people suffering from mental health conditions such as depression by as much as 22% on average. A research conducted into this topic by the Royal College of Music further supported that drumming can be a great means of stress relief and treating associated conditions. This shows that engaging in cardio drumming could be a good way for you to relief stress and give your mental health a boost. 

In addition to that, the social aspect element of cardio drumming classes can also foster mental wellbeing among individuals. The music and enjoyment shared together in the class is indeed a great dose of happiness for everyone that helps promote wellness overall as well.


Well, it is totally understandable that you might be wondering at this point whether or not cardio drumming can be a good form of workout for you to try out. Indeed, there is no simple yes or no answer for this because the workout potential for this activity varies from person to person.

With cardio drumming, you can push yourself beyond your own limits by engaging in an intense session that leaves you sweating and shedding pounds. And if you are just looking for fun and not overly fast paced workout session, you’ll be surprised to learn that cardio drumming is actually also worth a try.

No matter how you tailor the workout of your cardio drumming session, trust me, you’ll definitely enjoy it and have a good sweat!


Puzzling whether you should join cardio drumming classes or just get your own fitness ball and try cardio drumming at home? Actually, both are good options. If you fancy an easy and enjoyable cardio workout session from home then you absolutely can try cardio drumming at home. However, for the best cardio drumming workout results, we highly recommend you to join cardio drumming classes.

When you attend cardio drumming classes, you will be joining with a number of other passionate cardio drummers. This is SUPER IMPORTANT because not only you’ll step out of your comfort zone, but you’ll also be able to taking inspiration, tips and advice from your peers.  

Furthermore, the atmosphere, sense of excitement and enjoyment in cardio drumming classes is second to none. You simply cannot replicate that from the comfort of your own home where cardio drumming will likely be less exciting. Therefore, cardio drumming classes are indeed worthwhile to join.


cardio drumming key takeaways
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