Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers that Will Leave You in AWE

Jun 24, 2020 | Essential Oils

Written by Dr. Othman Alagha, MD
benefits of essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are gifts from the natural world that can greatly elevate your mood with just a whiff of their fragrance. With the ample benefits of essential oils, the use of essential oil diffusers has been getting a lot of buzz recently. Essential oil diffusers use heat to turn oil into a vapor and disperse into the air, thereby filling the whole area with natural fragrance. These affordable, healthy and relaxing diffusers are becoming amazing additions to one’s home or workplace to promote a soothing ambiance in the environment.

Let’s explore all the jaw-dropping benefits of essential oil diffusers together!


1. Promote Good Quality Sleep

The global problem of sleep deprivation is quite serious. According to  a 2019 Global Sleep Survey conducted in 12 major countries, it showed nearly 62% of adults worldwide do not sleep well.

As a matter of fact, ongoing sleep deprivation can cause severe health issues such as depression, weaken immune system, etc. That’s why, getting enough sleep is of paramount importance for physical and mental well-being. As per The National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 26-64 should get 7-9 hours of sleep everyday.

Luckily, you will be happy to know that the use of essential oil diffusers helps promote good quality sleep. Precisely, essential oils stimulate neurotransmitter activity in our brains, including the release of dopamine and serotonin hormones. This helps people of all ages to sleep more soundly.

There are a few particular essential oils that foster good sleep. Try adding lavender, chamomile, or even sandalwood to your essential oil diffuser and get ready for an uninterrupted good night’s sleep!

2. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

People do experience stress and anxiety from time to time. Well, it is not bad in the short term as stress helps you overcome a major task or challenging situation. However, experiencing stress and anxiety in the long run can result in serious health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so on. Hence, it is important to manage your stress level.

Using essential oil diffusers is indeed an excellent way to help reduce your stress and anxiety. Several research studies have confirmed that diffusing essential oils like lavender greatly helped alleviate anxiety, stress and even depression among the participants.

Apart from lavender, other essential oils like chamomile, neroli, frankincense, rose and cinnamon are also great choice for your essential oil diffusers. Put some in your diffusers and enjoy yourself in a relaxing environment.

3. Relief Pain

A research study shows that another benefit of using essential oil diffuser is to relief pain from headaches, joint pain and muscle pain without causing any uncomfortable side effects of medication. When you inhale the vapors from the essential oil diffuser, they bypass the digestive system and directly enter our blood stream, thereby helping to relief pain.

Some best essential oils for pain relief are rosemary for joint pain, eucalyptus for bone or nerve pain, lavender for neck and shoulder pain, ginger for back pain, etc.

Generally speaking, using diffused essential oils have no major side effects when compared to pills, as such you might probably want to consider keeping some diffusers by your side to relief body pain. 

4. Foster Body & Mind Relaxation

Time to relax your body and mind by using essential oil diffusers. Essential oils are a great option for healing. They help to relax the mind, uplift the mood, increase sex drive, lower blood pressure as well as foster blood circulation in the body. The recommended diffused essential oils for healing of the body and mind are peppermint, arnica and lavender.

Next time just lie down, inhale the fragrance and relax yourself completely!

5. Combat Bacteria & Mold

Are you aware that diffused essential oils are very effective in combating airborne bacteria and mold? According to a lab study, researchers found that certain essential oils could kill a type of lyme bacteria.

In actual, if you diffuse the right essential oils, you can create an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial environment that keeps everyone around healthy. The best essential oils for your diffusers are tea tree, lemon and palo santo.

Quickly utilize your essential oil diffusers to cleanse the air around. It is an effective and low-cost way to create a healthy environment!

6. Repel Mosquitoes

NO ONE likes mosquitoes. Guess what! One of the benefits of using essential oil diffusers is to repel mosquitoes and insects naturally. Scientists have shown that diffused essential oils can be used as a safe and highly effective mosquito repellent because many bugs and insects cannot stand the scent of it.

Are you ready to get rid of the buzzing noise and nuisance around? Insect-repelling essential oils should do the trick. Peppermint and lemongrass are effective to repel mosquitoes whereas pine and cedarwood show a promising effect in driving fleas away.

7. Boost Immune System

Looking for some natural ways to prevent illness during the cold and flu season? The key benefit of using essential oil diffusers is to keep you safe by supporting and boosting your immune system. Breathing in diffused essential oils can actually help improve respiratory health as well as boost immune system, thereby eliminating cough and cold.

As such, make sure your essential oil diffusers are running with oils like lemon, oregano, tea tree, clove, scots pine, etc. because a healthy immune system is very crucial to a healthy life!

8. Aid Weight Management

It is certain that doing exercise as well as maintaining a healthy diet are the two main keys for shedding excess weight. However, scientists put forward the idea that inhaling essential oils can actually help reduce cravings and enhance energy levels, therefore escalating the weight loss process.

Particularly, lemon oil and ginger oil seems to be more effective in aiding weight management. Breathing in lemon oil from essential oil diffusers can help to remove toxin buildup in the body, promotes the breakdown of body fat and support healthy digestion. Apart from that, inhaling ginger oil helps reduce your cravings for sugary products, burn fat and boost your metabolism. This fosters weight loss and aid weight management.

9. Control Appetite

Studies have shown that another benefit of using essential oil diffusers is to help curb appetite. You will be surprised to know that the diffused essential oil tends to interact with the limbic system of our brain and turns off our desire to consume food, hence controlling our appetite.

Some popular essential oils used as an appetite suppressant are peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, grapefruit, orange and ylang-ylang.

10. Improve Concentration & Memory

No matter you are a student, housewife or working adult, when facing a long to-do-list, a boost in concentration and memory can be of great help. A study conducted in 2017 found out that students working in a room with the fragrance of rosemary essential oil achieved 5%-7% better results in the memory tests. Researchers even concluded that the findings were also consistent with the tests on adults.

Actually, rosemary had been associated with memory for hundreds of years. There are also several other essential oils that boost memory and cognitive functions such as lemongrass, sage, tangerine, lavender and peppermint. When carrying out a task, try inhaling the aroma of these diffused essential oils in order to stay focus and concentrated. It really works!


Essential oil diffusers are an effective and convenient tool to take advantages of essential oils. The benefits of essential oil diffusers are countless. There are four different types of diffusers, each with its own unique method to fully utilize the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Check out the details as follows:

1. Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers are praised as the most effective diffusers. They break down the essential oils into fine particles with the use of pressurized air and cold before diffusing into the air. The tiny particles are small in size which makes it easy to inhale.

Though nebulizing essential oil diffusers are tended to be the most expensive ones, however, the nebulizers do not use heat or water when dispersing, this provides optimal therapeutic benefits for users.

2. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers break the essential oils into fine mist by using electronic frequencies and water. This type of diffuser is generally considered as the second-best diffuser.

3. Heat Essential Oil Diffusers

Heat diffusers use heat to help essential oil evaporate into the air. The best heat diffuser will use a low heat to release the scent. This type of diffusers is economical and quiet, however, they can change the chemical composition of your oils when heated which might lesson, the aromatic or therapeutic benefit.

4. Evaporative Essential Oil Diffusers

Evaporative diffusers use air flow to spread the aroma of the essential oils into the air. This type of diffusers usually uses a small fan to cause essential oil to evaporate at a faster rate.

Compared with the rest, evaporative essential oil diffusers are typically the least expensive one. However, the major drawback for this type of diffusers is not all the components of the essential oil is diffused at the same time, the lighter components disperse faster than the heavier components, hence you might not be able to enjoy the full benefits of the oil.


Frankincense Essential Oil: Improves stress, ease anxiety as well as calm the mind.

Lavender Essential OilIt is a go-to classic which soothes your nerves and makes you feel relax.

Lemon Essential OilGood for uplifting. Helps combat bacteria and aid weight management.

Peppermint Essential Oil:  Improves memory and concentration as well as help repel mosquitoes.

Grapefruit Essential Oil: Reduces food cravings and enhances mood.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Relieves stress and anxiety while boosting focus and clarity. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Keeps environment healthy by combating bacteria.


The quality of essential oils is of paramount importance. There are actually few tips that can help you in distinguishing good quality essential oils.

First and foremost, check the label thoroughly. It should include Latin name of the plant as well as information about the country where the plant was grown. Details on the ingredients added to it should be included also.

Second, check the company. It should be of a reputable and well-known company. Third, select essential oils which are only packed in dark-colored glass containers.

Last but not the least, always purchase essential oils in its purest form without the mixture of any chemicals.

Essential oils play a big role in improving our mood, inducing sleep, reducing stress level and much more. The use of essential oil diffusers is a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Seize the chance and get some! They are wonderful additions to your house and workplace. Trust me!

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