Buti Yoga: The Science Behind It

Dec 1, 2020 | General Yoga, Yoga

Written by Md. Musharraf Ashraf, PhD
buti yoga: the science behind it

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you may have heard of the term ‘Buti Yoga’ by now. It is the newest trend in the fitness and wellness world. People from all walks of life are utilizing this new and innovative way to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Yoga was introduced in India around six thousand years ago by shadhus as a part of spiritual training. Over time, it has become popular all around the globe among people who are looking for harmony between body and mind. During its journey from ancient India to the modern West, yoga has evolved in various forms. However, the primary objectives remain the same: to bring harmony to your body and mind, create self-awareness and higher consciences.

Buti yoga adds new aspects to traditional yoga. In addition to balance and harmony, it also emphasizes strengthening of the body, particularly the inner muscles, to release hidden energy.

Buti yoga can greatly improve your movements, inner strength as well as enhance self-confidence, giving you a life-changing experience.


what is buti yoga

The word “Buti” came from Marathi, a regional language of India, which stands for ‘cure that is hidden within’. Developed in 2010 by the celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, buti yoga is a form of yoga practice based on the belief that your body has hidden power that gives you a balanced physical and mental wellbeing. However, in order to unleash the dormant balancing, harmonizing, and healing power within, you have to activate the core of your body. This brings up the central doctrine of buti yoga, which is the spiral structure technique.

The spiral structure technique accentuates that our body is a spiral. It further emphasizes exercise involving spiral movements instead of moving in a linear plane can activate and strengthen the deep muscles inside and trigger the inner power. The inner power, thus activated, transforms the body from inside. The joyful experience of transforming inside out also mitigates any emotional stress you might be experiencing consciously or sub-consciously. The result is a well-balanced and harmonized body and mind that help you achieve self-awareness and higher consciences.

In practice, buti yoga put together the traditional yoga poses, tribal dance, plyometric exercises and music. All these components contribute to the effectiveness of buti yoga. The following examines their roles in contributing to a healthy and harmonized mind and body.  


The sequences of tribal dance are generally primitive. They are commonly associated with spiritual or healing rituals and believed to free your soul and mind. They involve energetic and jerky movements of the body, causing the energy to travel throughout the body like waves. It is believed that the intense shaking of the body eases the imbalance and stress that develop over time at the cellular level.

The primitive sequences of tribal dance are the result of indigenous knowledge of many generations. They cannot be ignored just as the backward way of life. In fact, researchers have demonstrated many health benefits of such tribal dance. For instance, Avinash Bhale, a prominent scholar on Indian tribal dances at the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, demonstrates that tribal dance forms can be effective psychological intervention for stress management. Researchers have also demonstrated the effectiveness of dance forms in weight management, as well as reducing cardiovascular risk and enhancing life satisfaction.

However, you don’t have to worry about your dancing skills to join buti yoga. Neither will you need any professional choreographer to explain or teach you the moves. It just all comes naturally with the beat of the music, which is also an integral part of buti yoga. So, just relax yourself!


1. Reduces Stress

Tribal dance practiced during buti yoga helps reduce mental stress. It also eases stress developed at the cellular level.

2. Helps Shed Weight

Researchers have also observed that dancing helps reduce weight. Dancing is a form of energy expensive exercise. It results in utilizing excess energy to break the deposited fat.

3. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Tribal dance, being an intensive physical activity, gives your heart a good workout that strengthens the heart muscles. It also decreases triglycerides and increases good cholesterol level in your blood reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Buti yoga is not about only dance and music to free your mind and bring harmony between your soul and body. It also incorporates plyometric movements involving rapid jumping. In plyometric exercise, maximum force is employed on muscles to complete a jump sequence in a short time. This results in fast contraction and expansion of the muscles, which help in increasing strength and speed. The benefit of plyometric exercise alone or in combination with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been reported by many researchers. For instance, it is reported that anthropometric, biochemical, and physical fitness in young obese females significantly improves by 12 weeks of plyometric exercise. The benefits are even significantly higher when plyometric exercise is combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as practiced in buti yoga. Further, a randomized clinical trial demonstrates that plyometric exercise reduces blood pressure and the rate-pressure product (RPP), thus, improving your heart condition as well as overall health status.

The intense plyometric exercise also increases the heart rate, a condition termed as the cardio burst. Cardio burst leads to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), resulting in increased burning of energy and resting metabolism.

Studies conducted on school-going children aged 10 – 12 years report that practicing a 40-minute yoga session 3 or 4 times a week significantly improves balance and flexibility.


1. Reduces Appetite

Leptin is a hormone, which induces appetite by stimulating the brain. Plyometric exercises reduce the level of leptin in your plasma. Low level leptin reduces food intake and helps you maintain lean body weight.

2. Increases Muscle Strength 

During the plyometric dance sequences your muscles are subjected to extensive workout for a short period. As a result, the muscles gain strength and your speed increases.

3. Reduces Blood Glucose Level

Studies have shown that plyometric exercise, particularly when coupled with HIIT as in buti yoga reduces blood glucose level. Glucose is the primary source of energy for all physiological and biochemical functions in your body. However, high level of glucose is also associated with diseases like diabetes. Hyperglycemia, that is having high level of glucose in the blood can cause serious health problem if not treated. It can damage the blood vessels, organs like kidney, heart, and brain. Persistence hyperglycemia can also damage your vision and nervous system also irreversibly.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure 

Buti yoga reduces blood pressure. Studies have also demonstrated that it also reduces rate-pressure product (multiplication of heart rate and blood pressure) significantly and improves heart condition and overall health status. Thanks to the plyometric exercise and HIIT included in buti yoga.



Music is an important integral part of buti yoga. The potentials of music as a stimulator and sedative are well documented since ancient times. Stimulating rhythms and sturdy beats suffuse an energetic state in your body and mind. Researchers have also observed that the fast tempo of the music used during buti yoga also increases the release of Oxytocin, also known as ‘the love hormone’. It promotes feelings of love, well-being, and social bonding. No wonder people who practice buti yoga often report being connected and in love with themselves. The beats help you concentrate on your body while the rhythms of the music guide your shaking movements to relax your body and mind.


1. Energizes Body and Mind 

The stimulating rhythms and the robust beats of the music played during buti yoga session energize your body and mind.

2. Improves Concentration and Mindfulness 

The beats of the music help you concentrate on your body. It also increases your self-awareness and while keeping you alert and mindful.

3. Relaxes Your Body and Mind 

Researchers have also observed that when listening to music, physical and mental stress is alleviated significantly.

4. Increases the Release of the “Love Hormone” 

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone induces feelings of love, well-being and social bonding. Studies have reported that listening to music during buti yoga increases the release of oxytocin.


who can practice buti yoga

Buti yoga started its journey as a workout for women. It is believed to activate the Kundalini energy – the feminine live force that resides at the base of the spine. Moreover, the poses and intense shaking of the body helps women in various ways. For instance, yoga poses in buti yoga helps strengthen the pelvic floor, thus holding the pelvic organs such as the uterus, particularly during pregnancy. Buti yoga workout also helps women in regaining the shape and tone of their abdominal muscles after childbirth.

The benefits of buti yoga workout are not limited to women only. Researches cited above demonstrate that it can be beneficial to men and children as well by building strength, improving balance, increasing basal metabolic rate, and fat degeneration.
However, pregnant women and people with particular health conditions such as cardiac problems should consult their physician before starting buti yoga practice. You should also watch for forms when practicing buti yoga as it involves intense rapid movements, which can cause injury if you are off form.


All in all, buti yoga can provide a complete workout for men, women, and children. No wonder that it has been adopted by so many people in no time since its introduction in 2010. Even celebrities are practicing and advocating buti yoga. 

In today’s busy world, managing time for a complete Buti Yoga workout is a difficult proposition. However, with buti yoga, a 30-minute session can give you a complete workout. Buti yoga workout is best practiced in a group setting safe for all the rapid movement and loud music. However, you can also practice it in private, but make sure that you have an open space big enough to allow the movements as well as there is no one to object about the loud music.

Work your way with buti yoga and together let’s enjoy the harmony of body and mind!


buti yoga key takeaways
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