Spiderman Pushups: All You Need to Know

Jan 23, 2021 | Cardio, Fitness

Written by Fedi Aloui, M.S.
spiderman pushups

Famous English poet William Cowper once said “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” As human, we naturally like embracing changes and varieties. Even in workouts and trainings such as doing pushups, variations attract both trainers and trainees and help them avoid monotony, hence making the training sessions more engaging and challenging. The spiderman pushup is among the popular workout variations. It further engages your lower body and targets your core and obliques as well.

Spiderman pushup is very easy to pick up. You can easily do it anywhere without any equipment. It can even be added to any type of workout routine. Wondering what exactly is spiderman pushups? How to do it? Let’s explore more about spiderman pushups!


Pushups are a well-known exercise that can be integrated into conditioning programs so as to build and strengthen the upper body. The basic pushups exercise is a closed kinetic chain movement which is performed by keeping distal limbs immobile while applying resistance to both the proximal and distal parts of limbs at the same time.

While performing the standard pushups, various muscles are targeted, including but not limited to pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), triceps brachii, abdominals, serratus anterior and deltoideus anterior. This old form of pushup exercise can be modified and adjusted for a greater or lower level of difficulty depending on one’s physical fitness, ability and strength.

The most common variation of the regular pushups is the spiderman pushups which is the advanced level of pushups. This alternative involves engaging the lower body more, mainly your hip flexors and quadriceps. It is relatively easy if you are familiar with the standard pushups. The concept is every time you simply draw one knee out and up, ultimately touching the same-side elbow. You alternate the sides with every pushup to perform the whole exercise.

No extra equipment is needed and you can simply add it to any type of workout routine. For instance, you can complete few sets of spiderman pushups before doing any other sort of chest-targeting trainings to further strengthen your chest and core.


how to do spiderman pushups

To perform spiderman pushups, you don’t need much to get started. Simply a spacious environment and a yoga mat (if desired). You can do it anywhere and anytime. The concrete steps are as follows:

1. You always start in a plank position. Make sure your body forms a straight line from ankles to shoulders.

2. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart in order to keep your balance. 

3. Lower your chest toward the ground as you bend your elbows. They should form a 45-degree angle from your body.

4. Pick up your left leg up and out to the outside of your body and touch it to the same-side elbow (like a spiderman climbing up a wall). 

5. Extend your elbows and land your left leg back to the plank position. 

6. Repeat the whole movement with your right leg.

7. Do a number of sets depending on your target and training plan.

8. Place your knees on the floor, kneel and stand up to complete the exercise. 


Spiderman pushups takes everything to the next level. They give you a killer core workout. Here are some highlighted benefits induced by this exercise. 

1. Fuctional Workout

Spiderman pushups engage multi-join, stabilize different muscle groups, promote your body balance on three limbs in order to perform a coordinated and controlled action.

This form of functional workout allows your muscles to work simultaneously and prepare them for quotidian tasks and activities.

2. Strengthen Your Body

Push-up exercises take upper body strength training to the next level. Performing spiderman pushups are great for strengthening your chest, triceps, shoulders as well as core strength. It is a great, fast and effective way for building strength.

3. Muscles Engaged

In addition to the muscles targeted by the traditional push-ups, the spiderman pushups are a great way to challenge your muscles further especially the core muscles. This include your abdominal, dorsal and the oblique muscles.

Besides, this alternative exercise engages not only your triceps, shoulders and chest but also your lower body muscles particularly your quadriceps.

4. Lower Risk of Back Injury

5. Burn More Calories

Compared to the traditional push-ups, spiderman pushups require more actions as well as multiple muscle groups. You need to bring one leg up from each side every time alternatively during the exercise. This also forces your muscles to stabilize. Hence, more energy is required to perform spiderman pushups comparatively. This helps burn more calories ultimately.

6. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Spiderman pushups are weight-bearing exercise. Studies put forward that your pushup capacity is inversely associated with future cardiovascular disease incidents.

A 10-year research study published by JAMA Network Open showed participants who were able to do 40 or more pushups during the test had a 96% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to others who could only do 10 or less.

As such, performing spiderman pushups is indeed an easy and healthy way to improve our heart health.


There are countless variations for pushups. You may adjust and simply choose the one that best fits your goals, fitness level as well comfort. Below lists out various spiderman pushups variations that you may perform. 

1. Feet Elevated Spiderman Pushups

feet elevated spiderman pushups

In this form of pushups, you tend to follow nearly all the instructions as mentioned above. The only variation is you place your legs on an elevated surface so that your body is at a downward angle. In this way, more emphasis will be placed on your shoulder muscles.

If you are looking for a challenging form of spiderman pushups, you should give this burnout workout a try!

2. Spiderman Walk / Crawls

spiderman crawl

Spiderman walk or crawls can be performed in the morning as part of your stretching routine or during pre-work as part of your preparation.

Basically, you follow all the same instructions as the spiderman pushups. However, instead of returning your foot to the plank position, you plant it into the ground and crawl forward. As you continue, your feet should get closer to where your head was.

3. Hindu Pushups

hindu pushups

This variation is frequently used in yoga, great for improving hip and shoulder flexibility.

You start from a general push up position, then lift your hips up slowly, forming an upside-down V shape with your body eventually.

This is an exceptional intermediate pushup exercise. Do try it out!

4. TRX Spiderman Pushups

TRX spiderman pushups

To perform this, you kneel down in front of the TRX straps in a normal pushup position and hook your one foot into the straps.

Afterwards, perform the same instructions as mentioned above of the standard form of spiderman pushups.  

Common Mistakes

Doing Spiderman pushups correctly is challenging because you have to keep your body straight, stable and in a neutral position from head to heels.

Many people make common mistakes while performing spiderman pushups or even other pushups alternatives. Some general mistakes are explained below.

Sagging Hips

If you fail to engage your core properly, your hips may sag and cause low back pain. Try performing the spiderman pushups in front of a mirror so that you can control your hip and back alignment.

Elbows Too Close to Torso

When lowering your body during spiderman pushups, you must check that the angle between your upper arms and torso is 45-degree so as to perform the whole workout effectively.

Elbows Placed Far Away From the Body

Avoid placing your elbow too far away from your body when performing the spiderman pushup. This prevents your shoulders and elbows from engaging in excessive stress.

Always check that your palms are under the shoulders and slightly wider than your shoulder-width apart.

Safety Tips

  • If you’re a beginner to strength-training, try learning the standard pushups first with the right techniques before attempting the spiderman pushups.
  • Spiderman pushups are considered as safe exercise for most people even those with low back pain. Make sure to engage your core and abdominals properly and avoid sagging hips.
  • You may use pushup bars to aid you in the workout if you have wrist pain.
  • Stop performing any types of pushups if your wrists or shoulders have been injured.
  • Always consult a medical professional or your personal trainer before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or workout routine. 

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